Practical LEGO Pendulum Clock

This is another version of my mechanical LEGO pendulum clock. This clock is truly practical: it runs for 35 hours, it is very easy to rewind, and it is accurate to within a few seconds per day, or just about 1 minute after running for 2 weeks straight. It uses a Galileo escapement for efficiency,… Read More »

LEGO Mindstorms delta robot catching a ball using stereo vision

This is a delta robot built with LEGO Mindstorms to catch a ball thrown through the air. The robot is programmed using ev3dev, an alternative operating system for the EV3 brick. It uses two NXTcam cameras to track the ball and estimate its trajectory in 3D. Here is a video of the robot in action.

How LiveSPICE works: numerically solving circuit equations

The purpose of LiveSPICE is to simulate circuits for audio signals in real time. Simulating a circuit requires solving for the relationship between the current state of the circuit and a new input signal, to produce the new state of the circuit. This post describes the algorithm LiveSPICE uses to evaluate this relationship quickly enough… Read More »

LiveSPICE: a real time SPICE simulator for audio signals

LiveSPICE is a SPICE-like circuit simulation tool for processing live audio signals. The motivation for developing LiveSPICE is to help prototype guitar effects and amplifiers, without requiring constructing a physical circuit or waiting for an offline simulation to run to try it out. With LiveSPICE, you can design the circuit in an easy to use… Read More »

Touchpad: A Computer Remote Control App for Android

Touchpad is a free Android app to enable you to control your windows computer from your Android device. It provides a simple multitouch touchpad interface to control the mouse, and accepts keystrokes from the keyboard on your device to send to your computer. Touchpad has the following features: Full remote control over the mouse left… Read More »

Guitar Tuner

I've been searching for a simple, working, free guitar tuner program, but there seems to be a gap in the free simple working tuner market on the web. So I decided to make a chromatic tuner, which works for many instruments.

LEGO Clock

When I was at my parents for Christmas, we were visiting one of their neighbors who owned an old style mechanical clock. It was simple, a small box with the clock face, and the pendulum and weights coming out the bottom of the clock. It got me thinking that I could build one with the… Read More »